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  • Before you visit

Before you visit

Maxime Coquard © Queensland Government

Before you visit

If you are planning to visit a national park in Queensland, there are a few things you need to know before you head off.

Stay safe and visit with care

Queensland’s national parks offer memorable experiences in nature. Enjoy your visit, keep yourself safe and help look after our parks by staying safe and visiting with care.

Park alerts

Natural events, extreme weather, the protection of wildlife, or scheduled maintenance of facilities means that sometimes we have to close or limit access—often with minimal warning. Before you leave home check park alerts for the latest information on access, closures and conditions.

Permits and fees

Permits and fees apply in national parks for some activities, organised events and, in recreation areas, vehicle access. Read more about permits and fees to find out which permits and fees apply for your next park visit.

Dogs and pets

Lots of conservation parks and state forests across Queensland allow you to share your experience with your dog. Find out exactly where you can bring your dog, and the rules to follow when you do.


Our national parks can be enjoyed by visitors of all abilities. We work hard to ensure that visitors with disabilities can access many of these beautiful places. Read more about accessibility in our parks.

Smoking restrictions

You can breathe easy knowing smoking will be restricted in certain areas of our national parks.