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Camp fires and cooking

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Camp fires and cooking

Nothing beats sitting around a crackling camp fire, or having a big cook-up on a barbecue ... if you do it right.

Where can I have a camp fire?

You can have camp fires in many of our camping areas, as long as you use the fireplaces, fire rings or existing fire locations.

Help us protect our national parks by bringing clean firewood and kindling from outside the park—all the wood within the park is protected and cannot be collected or used for fires.

Safety tips for camp fires

What about fuel stoves?

Fuel stoves and off-ground braziers are great alternatives for cooking and to keep you warm while camping. These are safer, easier to use and more sustainable options for cooking and heating. They can generally be used where (or when) wood-fuelled camp fires cannot, such as:

  • in areas where camp fires are not allowed or are seasonally restricted due to high fire danger
  • during fire bans.

Where are barbecues provided?

Some of our picnic and camping areas have barbecues. Check the park's web page for details because, while some are free, others are coin operated.

See where barbecues are provided in our 34 most popular parks, and find parks and forests with barbecues in Queensland’s other parks.